With the Shusha Digital Control Center, stable and uninterrupted electricity supply of the city is ensured

With the Shusha Digital Control Center, stable and uninterrupted electricity supply of the city is ensured

In the Shusha Digital Control Center, instead of traditional three-phase 35/10-6/0.4 kilovolt distribution networks, the new circular power supply scheme established in Shusha was replaced by modern deep-access two-phase 35/0.4 kilovolt networks.

“Report”Araz Mammadzadeh, director of the Education and Innovation Center of “Azerishiq” OJSC, told the journalists who visited Shusha about this.

He said that the commissioned Substation and Digital Control Center have 2×2500 kilowatts of 35/0.4 kilovolts:

“With the commissioning of the new network, the costs of construction, maintenance and operation of traditional 35/10 kilovolt substations and 10 kilovolt power transmission lines are eliminated, technological losses are minimized, the negative impact of electromagnetic field radiation on the environment and living organisms is reduced, service personnel and technical vehicles is reduced, the quality of service is improved. Besides, with the introduction of modern SK-11 SCADA dispatcher management system, which fully covers 110/35/0.4 kilovolt networks, network management capabilities are expanded. For the first time, with SK-11 SCADA dispatcher management system, modern digital in the network model, it is possible to control low-voltage (0.4 kilovolt) circuits up to the final consumer. Previously, the dispatcher control system in distribution networks covered only high-voltage lines, but now these possibilities have been expanded. As a result, from the point of purchase of electricity to the customer meter management, energy balance, quality, continuous delivery, automatic restoration in case of emergency, for the first time in the field of electrical energy documentation, registration and archiving of information about networks by switching from paper carriers to electronic journals is managed and kept under full control over the new SK-11 system.

A. Mammadzadeh said that the Digital Control Center of the 35/0.4 kilovolt networks, which was implemented for the first time in Shusha, has the ability to be circularly connected with other substations and ensures a stable and uninterrupted supply of electricity to the city of Shusha:

“For the first time in the field of electric power, the use of alternative and renewable energy sources was used to ensure the power supply of the substation in case of emergency and to compensate the special consumption demand of the substation in the Shusha Digital Control Center, the technical and economic indicators were increased, and uninterrupted power supply of the equipment was ensured. In general, the planned construction of 9 6 new modern Transformer substations and Digital control Centers have already been built, one of them has been inaugurated. The other 3 substations will be put into operation within the next year.”

“After the work to be done, the 48 Transformer Stations working with a radial scheme in Shusha will be replaced by 9 35/0.4 kilovolt digital substations based on a modern scheme. The lines related to the network will be laid underground. The construction of other substations, in general, the electricity network of Shusha, in accordance with innovative innovations, is being continued. “, – the director of the center emphasized.

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