Uzbek businessmen want to expand cooperation with Azerbaijan

Uzbek businessmen want to expand cooperation with Azerbaijan

Businessmen of Uzbekistan want to expand cooperation in the textile industry with Azerbaijan.

About it “Report”It was reported by the Economic Zones Development Agency of the Ministry of Economy.

According to information, a delegation of Uzbek entrepreneurs visited our country and visited local enterprises.

After getting acquainted with the works done in Sumgait Chemical Industrial Park, the delegation visited the Textile Park operating in Sumgait. Businessmen were informed that the production of textile products meeting world standards from high-quality Azerbaijani cotton is carried out here. Textile Park operates spinning, weaving, dyeing and sewing factories, various types of fabric, bedding, blankets, pillows, as well as fireproof and waterproof uniforms for various purposes, military and hospital uniforms, robes, towels for hotels are produced.

Businessmen who are familiar with the activities of the mahlik factory in Ujar region, where mahlik, uluk, lint and tifitik are produced in the factory, where about 200 employees work permanently, the products (mainly mahlik) are exported to Turkey, Iran, Ukraine, etc. was informed that it was exported to countries.

Later, the guests got acquainted with the works done in the Mingachevir Industrial Park and the activity of the textile factory, which is a resident of the Park. It was reported that yarn is produced in the factory by the “Ring” and “Open End” methods with the technologies of Germany, Switzerland, Japan and Turkey. Investment value 93.5 million USD in the institution that 475 people were provided with permanent employment. So far in the enterprise 189 million manats that the close product was produced 93%has been exported. In addition to the domestic market, the manufactured products are sold in Turkey, Russia, Portugal, Pakistan, Poland, Belgium, Ukraine, etc. under the “Made in Azerbaijan” brand. exported to countries.

The guests were shown the presentation of industrial zones and agroparks under the management of IZIA, including information about the activities of the Yevlax Pilot Agropark and the conditions that will be created here for entrepreneurs. It was noted that dried fruit, jam, meat and dairy products, pasta, canned products, fruit seedlings, seeds (barley and wheat), animal feed and fertilizer, vegetable plants in greenhouse conditions, etc. are available in the agricultural park. will be produced.

Uzbek businessmen familiar with the activities of “Azeripak” LLC, owned by “Azerbaijan Industrial Corporation” OJSC in Sheki city, were informed that the enterprise with an annual production capacity of 3,000 tons of wet cocoons produces wool, scarves, raw silk, carpets, etc. products are manufactured. During the 6 months of the current year, 341 tons of wet cocoons were produced at the enterprise. 350 people are employed in the enterprise.

Uzbekistan’s businessmen working in the field of cotton growing and cocooning inspected the planting area of ​​the agricultural park located in Yevlakh district and the areas intended for the establishment of a mulberry garden.

During the visit, the delegation also got acquainted with the activities of the Gakh Breeding Sericulture Station and the Gakh Agropark.

It should be recalled that on August 1, IZIA and business associations of Uzbekistan (“Uzbekipaksanoat” Association and “Uztekstilprom” Association) signed cooperation memoranda on the development of sericulture and cocooning, as well as cotton and textile industry in Tashkent.

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