UN: More than 6 million people face starvation in Sri Lanka

UN: More than 6 million people face starvation in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, which is experiencing the worst economic crisis in its history, 6.3 million people (more than 28 percent of the total population) suffer from food insecurity.

“Report” informs with reference to “Outlook India” that this is stated in the report of the UN World Food Program.

The organization warned that the situation will worsen if the crisis continues.

Of the 6.3 million people mentioned in the report, at least 65.6 thousand people faced serious problems in buying food.

In Sri Lanka, the income of the population has fallen sharply in the last three months – two out of five families have had their income halved. In June, food inflation in the country reached 80 percent.

On July 9, the participants of anti-government protests in the island state broke into the Prime Minister’s office and set the building on fire. People have taken to the streets in Sri Lanka since the economic crisis began and it was announced that President Gotabaya Rajapaksa will resign on July 13. Speaker of the Parliament Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena said that the candidates for the position of the next head of state will be presented to the Parliament on July 19. The new president will be elected on July 20.

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