Ukrainian intelligence: “Wagnerists blew up the prison”

Ukrainian intelligence: “Wagnerists blew up the prison”

“The murder of Ukrainian defenders in Olenivka is a deliberate act of terrorism.”

“Report” reports that this was announced by the General Intelligence Service of Ukraine.

“Deliberate destruction of the prison was carried out by the mercenaries of the private military company “Wagner” under the direct orders of Yevgeny Prigozhin. The main purpose of the terrorist act is to hide the facts of complete theft of the funds allocated for the maintenance of Ukrainian prisoners of war. It is known that on August 1, the commission for Moscow was supposed to come to check the spending of the funds allocated to the “object” and the conditions of detention of the prisoners.

The administration said that another purpose of provocation is to increase social tension in Ukraine:

BKI demands that international institutions take a tough stance on the Olenivka events.

It should be noted that Y. Prigozhy, who is also known as the “chef” of Russian President Vladimir Putin, is the name of the scandalous private military company “Wagner”, which is involved in civil wars and war crimes in Syria, Libya, the Central African Republic and other countries, in addition to the “troll factory” of Russia. associated with creation.

Currently, the “Wagner” group is involved in military aggression against Ukraine, and is also engaged in informal mobilization activities among chauvinists, the poor, or those with convictions on the territory of Russia.

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