UEFA rating: Azerbaijan’s position has not changed, Hungary has advanced

UEFA rating: Azerbaijan’s position has not changed, Hungary has advanced

Azerbaijan has again increased its points reserve for the 2022/2023 season in the UEFA ranking.

“Report”According to the information, this was made possible thanks to the 2:2 away draw of “Garabagh” in the return match of the UEFA Champions League II qualifying round with the Swiss club “Zurich” in extra time. The victory brought another 0.125 points to the assets of the country represented by 4 clubs.

However, despite the fact that Azerbaijan increased the number of points to 0.625 this season, and to 13.250 in the last 5 seasons, it remained at the 29th place. Poland ranked 28th with 14,750 points.

Other representatives of Azerbaijan, “Neftchi”, “Zira” and “Gabala” will hold the return matches of the second qualifying round of the UEFA Conference League today.

It should be noted that in the third qualifying round of the Champions League, Ferentzvaros, the opponent of “Karabakh”, overcame “Slovan” (Bratislava) with a 4:1 victory in extra time, thus Hungary passed Slovakia. Currently, Hungary is 25th with 15,875 points and Slovakia is 26th with 15,750 points.

At the same time, Kazakhstan increased the number of points in the asset to 12,125 and rose to the 30th place. Slovenia, ranked 31st, has 11,875 points.

Lithuania 38th with 8,750 points, Faroe Islands 41st with 8,375 points, Ireland 42nd with 8,250 points, Andorra 52nd with 5,165 points, Luxembourg 39th with 8,750 points, Northern Ireland 43rd with 8,208 points, North Macedonia 5,000 points It fell to the 53rd position.

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