The US removed some areas of Russia from the sanctions list

The US removed some areas of Russia from the sanctions list

Transactions with Russia in the fields of agriculture, energy, medicine, including the fight against the coronavirus, transit flights, as well as operations affecting the work of non-governmental organizations, have been removed from the list of US sanctions.

“Report” informs that this was stated in the information released by the US Finance Ministry.

The US Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control has issued a master license to several foreign financial institutions with ties to Russia. The four general licenses that allow said operations are named as documents: 6B, 7A, 8C and 27.

First, it allows transactions related to the production, sale or transportation of agricultural goods, agricultural equipment, as well as drugs, medical equipment, spare parts and components thereof or software updates therefor, research or clinical and ongoing clinical trials to prevent the spread of, diagnose or treat COVID-19, including other medical research activities.

Second, it exempts payments for transit flights, forced landings, and ambulance services. Third, it enables energy-related operations.

Fourth, it allows operations that support the activities of non-governmental organizations. The first license is dated July 14, the second – May 5, the third – June 14, the fourth – April 19.

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