The Turkish company will create a mobile communication network in Aliaga for SOCAR

The Turkish company will create a mobile communication network in Aliaga for SOCAR

The implementation of a new project between “Turkcell”, the largest and highest speed mobile operator of Turkey, and “SOCAR Turkey”, a subsidiary of Azerbaijan State Oil Company (SOCAR) in Turkey, has started.

“Report”“Turkcell’s deputy director for cooperative sales Ceyhun Ozata said

“Turkcell” will create a mobile communication network for “SOCAR Turkey” within the framework of the project specially prepared for the Aliaga Peninsula, which is one of the largest investment regions of “SOCAR Turkey” in this country.

SOCAR Turkey’s information technology vision combined with Turkcell’s strong and unique technological infrastructure will provide an efficient, flexible, scalable and state-of-the-art infrastructure network.

With this, an important cooperation was signed between “SOCAR Turkey” and “Turkcell”, which is considered a first in the energy sector. Within the framework of this cooperation, “Turkcell” will establish a private LTE network on the Aliaga peninsula in Izmir city by building base stations exclusively for the information technology infrastructure of “SOCAR Turkey”, – the information says.

It should be noted that the region where “SOCAR Turkey” has important subsidiaries such as STAR oil refinery and “Petkim” on the Aliağa Peninsula is the first “Special Industrial Zone” of Turkey.

“Turkcell” deputy director for cooperative sales said that “SOCAR Turkey” 1 453 since it operates in business areas such as oil refining, petrochemical and port management on a hectare peninsula, it gave special importance to digitalization: “From the first stage of the process, we have been reliable in the end-to-end digital transformation relations between Turkcell’s Digital Business Services company and SOCAR Turkey we are a technology partner. Through our powerful and unique network infrastructure, we offer solutions for areas such as cyber security levels and business continuity. 360 we have developed from a degree perspective. With this approach, we are pleased to strengthen the foundations of long-term cooperation between two great institutions.”

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