The Turkish army has received anti-aircraft defense systems

The Turkish army has received anti-aircraft defense systems

For the first time, the Turkish army has purchased “Shahin” (HAKIN 40 mm) combat systems for combating small-sized unmanned aerial vehicles (mini and micro UAVs).

“Report” reports with reference to the local mass media that Ismayil Demir, the head of the Defense Industry Department of Turkey, said this.

The installation of the system was developed by ASELSAN concern, the flagship of the Turkish defense industry.

The head of the department noted that the complex is easy to transport, place and install. The system is located on a towed trailer and has a modular design.

According to him, “Shahin” systems can be successfully used especially in the protection of important objects, the state border, as well as in the field of air defense.

In addition, the complex has a ballistic calculation function in relation to the target. It can also track a target by focusing on the position transmitted from the radar.

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