The Polish army recruited more than 13,000 volunteers

The Polish army recruited more than 13,000 volunteers

According to the latest information, more than 13 thousand Polish people signed up for voluntary military service.

“Report” Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszak reports TVP he said in a statement to the TV channel.

“We hope that there will be more applications in September, October and November. We have prepared places for 15,000 people this year. If necessary, we will find more. We want as many people as possible to be trained, to be able to work with weapons, to be well organized.” – he emphasized.

It should be noted that according to the new law, voluntary military service was introduced in Poland. Anyone who has never been in the army before can serve. After completing military training, one can join the reserve or professional army in the future.

Volunteer service begins with a 28-day basic training course. The recruit then learns training, military regulations and weapons handling rules.

Those who decide not to continue training will be transferred to the reserve. The rest will undergo special training for up to 11 months. After this period, the volunteer may apply for professional, field or backup service.

As part of the voluntary service, 4,560 zlotys ($960 USD) are paid per month.

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