The person who tried to violate the border was detained

The person who tried to violate the border was detained

On August 26, at 03:05 a.m., 1 (one) unknown person approached the engineering fence from the Islamic Republic of Iran in the direction of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the service area of ​​the border outpost located near Arazbari village of Bilasuvar district of the “Goytepe” border detachment and immediately returned to the service area. was observed by the leading border guard.

The border checkpoint was immediately raised by the “Silaha” team, the mentioned area was closed and taken under control. As a result of the border search and operational measures conducted in connection with the violation of the state border, the suspicious actions of a person who took an unknown object from a hidden place in the border area at 03:40 have attracted the attention of the border guards.

The suspect, who disobeyed the “Stop” order of the border guard, was detained while trying to leave the scene. The detained person was identified as Balakishiyev Zeynalabdin Fakhreddin oglu, a resident of Baku, born in 1991. 18 kg 385 grams drug-like substances (14 kg 755 grams of “marijuana” and 3 kg 630 grams of “opium”) discovered and taken away.

Operational-investigative measures are being continued.

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