The Ministry of Defense responded to the colonel

The Ministry of Defense responded to the colonel

Colonel Elnur Mammadov, who was released to the reserve due to his long-term oncological disease and disagreed with the decision taken, appealed to the head of the country on the media sharing network, thinking of his personal interests and ambitions, and has already resorted to such steps several times. It seems that this situation has become a habit of the military serviceman who was released to the reserve.

Earlier in his service career, when some decisions were made about him, he tried to take steps contrary to the requirements of the “Military Service Transition” Regulations.

In addition, the colonel, who has already been released to the reserve, has repeatedly appealed to the army leadership regarding his health and has been sent to the Gulhane Teaching and Research Hospital of the Republic of Turkey for treatment 8 times for a total of more than 1 year by the Ministry of Defense. All expenses during the treatment period were covered by the ministry.

Disagreeing with the decision made on E. Mammadov, acting unbecoming to military ethics and a high-ranking officer as a sign of protest, without formally applying to the Minister of Defense in accordance with the rules of the Charter, is a repetition of his actions in previous years.
We inform you that E. Mammadov, who has passed the age limit for active military service, was considered unfit for military service with a diagnosis of “Hodgkin’s lymphoma, chronic course, in remission” and was released to the reserve. He was not injured in the Patriotic War.

The information spread by E. Mammadov through social networks is false and has no basis.

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