The competition for the recruitment of school principals is starting

The competition for the recruitment of school principals is starting

The competition for the recruitment of directors of general educational institutions is starting.

About it “Report”a was informed by the Ministry of Science and Education.

It was reported that on August 11, the stage of electronic document acceptance of the hiring process of principals will be started for general educational institutions with more than 500 students and the director’s position is vacant. The process will be implemented centrally by the ministry through a competition through software. People who want to become directors can register electronically by visiting the link until August 16.

According to the “Regulations for recruitment to the position of director of state general educational institutions”, the competition will consist of written examination and interview stages. The written exam stage of the competition consists of a test exam and a written work. In the test, candidates will be presented with a total of 60 test tasks, including 20 questions on pedagogy and methodology, critical reading skills, legislation on education and management, leadership and management, and 10 questions on mathematical logic. Essay topics will be provided to candidates who answer half of the questions correctly. Those who score half of the possible 10 points on the essay topics chosen by the candidate will be admitted to the interview stage.

It should be noted that those who scored a passing score in the competition for the recruitment of directors held in 2021 and were not invited to the interview stage will have the opportunity to participate in the essay stage directly. If those persons participate in the test examination stage again, the result of last year’s competition will be invalidated.

Before the test exam, sample test tasks will be shared.

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