The biased report of “Amnesty International” caused mass dissatisfaction

The biased report of “Amnesty International” caused mass dissatisfaction

The biased report of the human rights organization “Amnesty International” on Ukraine was met with displeasure by a number of officials and press agencies.

According to “Report”, British publication “The Times” called “Amnesty International” Putin’s propagandists after the scandalous report.

Defense Minister of Lithuania Arvidas Anusauskas condemned the report of the “Amnesty International” organization on the defense methods of the Ukrainian Armed Forces inside the cities. The minister said that this is not the first case of “Amnesty International” disregarding international law.

According to Arvidas Anushauskas, this is the organization’s attempt to justify Russia’s actions.

“It should be remembered that Ukrainian military forces protect their territories from Russian invasion attempts. That is, from the point of view of the Ukrainian military command, they really have no alternative but to be inside these towns and villages, and therefore the question is, where will the soldiers live?” – said Gulliver Craig of FRANCE 24.

It should be noted that official Kyiv opposed the report of the Amnesty International organization regarding the use of schools and houses by Ukrainian soldiers on the front line during the war against Russian forces.

Oksana Pokalchuk, director of the organization’s Ukrainian office, resigned from the organization after the accusations against the Armed Forces of Ukraine were published.

Amnesty International later apologized for its biased reporting on Russia’s war against Ukraine.

It should be noted that this is not the first biased report of the organization. “Amnesty International” has published biased reports against Azerbaijan before. The report of the organization, especially regarding the second Karabakh war, was one-sided and biased.

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