Terrorists have been destroyed in Iraq and Syria

Terrorists have been destroyed in Iraq and Syria

Turkish special forces killed 3 more PKK terrorists in northern Iraq.

According to “Report”, the Ministry of National Defense released information about this.

According to information, the militants were destroyed in the “Penche-Kilit” anti-terror operation zone.

The ministry stressed its determination to completely eliminate the threat of terrorism near the borders of Turkey and noted that the operations of the Turkish military were successful and effective.

At the same time, the Turkish army destroyed 5 militants of the Syrian wing of the PKK-YPG terrorist organization. It is noted that the militants opened fire on the area where the “Peace Spring” anti-terrorist operation was conducted in the north of Syria. In response, an artillery strike was launched at the terrorists’ location.

“Whenever the location of terrorists is discovered, they will be destroyed,” the Ministry of National Defense emphasized.

It should be noted that PKK militants have carried out a number of terrorist acts in Turkey since 1984. As a result, thousands of employees of the Turkish security forces of Turkey, as well as civilians, died.

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