Tea producer: “Our tea can be considered as a cure for coronavirus”

Tea producer: “Our tea can be considered as a cure for coronavirus”

There was a time when Azerbaijan paid 8-10% of the tea demand of the USSR, home to 300 million people.

After our country gained independence, the situation changed. Although tea production in Azerbaijan is increasing year by year, dependence on imports still remains.

For example, in the first half of this year, about 7 thousand tons of tea were brought to Azerbaijan from abroad. The import of tea has brought out about 35 million US dollars in foreign currency from the country.

Currently, Azerbaijan buys tea mainly from Sri Lanka. This country accounted for 84% of our annual imports. However, the quality of local tea is not inferior to its counterparts in other countries. But what prevents to expand its production, to meet the demand at the expense of internal capabilities? “Report” In this regard, he had a conversation with local tea producers.

One of them, Ali Yagubzadeh, says that strengthening the position of Azerbaijani tea in the domestic market prevents it from becoming expensive, that is, its high cost: “For example, the price of the cheapest tea produced by us is 12 manats per kilogram, and this price is still high compared to imported tea. However, there is also tea that we offer for 2,000 manats per kilogram.”

However, according to the entrepreneur, even though local tea is expensive, it is worth paying for, and those who know the taste of the mouth buy tea from them: “We produce 100 types of tea, each of them is completely organic, without chemical additives. For example, one of our teas contains 12 it has citrus fruit. It can be considered as a medicine for coronavirus. As we are sure of the quality of our product, we do not take the initiative to conclude a contract with any market. Anyone who wants to come and look at our plantations and then sign a contract. Currently from one hectare 2 we collect about a ton of tea, 3 this figure after the year 5 will be tons. 10 kilo of green tea 3 a kilo of dry tea comes out”.

Israfil Israfilov, an expert of one of the companies engaged in tea production in Azerbaijan, also admits that they do not produce cheap tea: “The price of the cheapest tea produced by us is 8 is manat. But we have bud tea and its kilogram 700 we offer manat. This river produces little. Every season 50-100 If it turns out to be a kilogram, it is considered a big result. It is very difficult to assemble and prepare it.”

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