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UN High Commissioner: “14 thousand protesters were arrested in Iran, more than 300 were killed”

sqy5e- November 24, 2022 0

"According to the information we received, 14,000 people, including children, were detained and more than 300 people were killed during protests in Iran. 40 of ... Read More

France’s former interior minister has been arrested for financial fraud

sqy5e- November 22, 2022 0

In France, the court sentenced the former Minister of the Interior, Claude Gea (2011-2012), to 6 months in prison for financial fraud. "Report" informs that ... Read More

Two more people were arrested in connection with the Istanbul terror attack

sqy5e- November 20, 2022 0

2 people were arrested in connection with the terrorist attack that took place in the center of Istiklal Avenue (Taksim neighborhood) of Beyoglu district of ... Read More

A 30-year-old man who killed a young man in Lankaran was arrested

sqy5e- November 18, 2022 0

A 30-year-old man who killed a young man in Lankaran district was arrested. About it "Report"a was informed by the Press Service of the Ministry ... Read More

In London, the police arrested a man with a knife in front of the parliament building

sqy5e- October 21, 2022 0

Police officers of London, the capital of Great Britain, arrested a man who was suspected of carrying a cold weapon near the parliament building. “Report” ... Read More

The United States indicted five Russian citizens and arrested two

sqy5e- October 19, 2022 0

US authorities have charged five Russian citizens and two Venezuelan oil traders with sanctions evasion and money laundering. “Report” reports, this is stated in the ... Read More

11 people were arrested for promoting terrorism in Spain

sqy5e- October 6, 2022 0

The Spanish national police detained 11 people suspected of involvement in terrorist propaganda and other crimes. "Report" citing foreign media, it is stated in the ... Read More