Slovakia will give Ukraine 30 PDM

Slovakia will give Ukraine 30 PDM

Slovakia will provide Ukraine with 30 infantry fighting vehicles (PDM).

“Report” reports with reference to “Interfax-Ukraine” that Slovak President Zuzana Chaputova said this.

“Our country will not stop with its partners in the EU and NATO, we will continue to provide political and humanitarian assistance, including economic and military support to Ukraine. As we announced today, we are handing over 30 infantry fighting vehicles to them,” the head of state said at the second summit of the Crimean Platform.

Estonian President Alar Karis, in turn, noted the necessity of intensifying military assistance to Ukraine.

“We must strengthen the sanctions. We propose to impose tougher sanctions, because Russia will stop the war only when it feels the consequences of its actions,” he said.

A. Karis also emphasized the importance of ensuring justice in order to achieve peace in Europe and said he was in favor of establishing a special international court.

“Everyone connected with crimes in Ukraine must answer,” he added.

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