“Seyyar ASAN” will serve Azerbaijani citizens in Turkey for the first time

“Seyyar ASAN” will serve Azerbaijani citizens in Turkey for the first time

On August 30 – September 4, 2022, within the framework of the Aerospace and Technology Festival (TEKNOFEST) in Samsun, Turkey, services will be provided by the Mobile ASAN service bus to deliver government services to Azerbaijanis living in Turkey.

About it “Report”a Information was provided by the State Agency for Service to Citizens and Social Innovation under the President.

The Mobile ASAN service, which will be realized for the first time outside the country, is organized by the State Agency, supported by the State Committee for Work with Diaspora and financed by the financial partnership of “ABB” OJSC.

Services to be provided to citizens by a mobile bus equipped with special equipment:

• Issuance and replacement of identity cards;

• Issuance and replacement of national passports;

• Changing driver’s licenses;

• Issuance of conviction certificates.

• State registration service of acts of civil status

Translation services:
• Written translation;
• Online translation;
• Acceptance of apostille documents;
• Confirmation of the translation with an internal seal;
• Identification;
• Editing;
• Rewriting;
• Copying.

The State Agency informed that in order to take advantage of the service, which will be organized from August 30 to September 4, from 10:00 to 18:00, our citizens must register, which gives them the right to enter the “Teknofest” territory.

Link for registration: https://www.t3kys.com/tr/teknofest/visitor/apply/

It was noted that Azerbaijani citizens living in Turkey at the same time can make their application in advance by entering the link https://seyyarasan.e-gov.az/ and entering their personal information (identity card information, mobile number and e-mail address) and the service they want to receive. .

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