“Politico”: “The US does not rule out the possibility of Russia using chemical weapons in Ukraine”

“Politico”: “The US does not rule out the possibility of Russia using chemical weapons in Ukraine”

Representatives of US President Joseph Biden’s administration believe that Russia may use chemical weapons in Ukraine before going to a nuclear confrontation with NATO if Russian forces continue to lose ground.

“Report” reports that six people with knowledge, including high-ranking officials of the US Department of Defense (Pentagon), informed “Politico” about this.

According to them, the United States has no intelligence that such an attack in Ukraine is imminent. According to many Pentagon officials, the fighting will subside during the winter months and neither side will be able to gain significant ground.

But if battlefield casualties continue or the Russian military collapses entirely, some senior officials believe Moscow could resort to chemical weapons — including the weapon linked to the poisoning of opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

One of the officials said such an attack could use substances that are easy to cover up, making it difficult to pin the blame on Moscow. Some chemicals could be used in a mass-casualty attack — they could be aerosolized or used in munitions to harm large groups of people, officials and experts said.

The US National Security Council refused to comment on this.

The United States believes that Russia is investing in increasing the potential of chemical weapons. According to an aide to a congressional representative who spoke to Politico, senators were briefed this fall about Russia’s stockpile of chemical weapons and the related threat to Ukraine.

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