“Neftchi” head coach: “I replaced Azer Aliyev because he had a seizure”

“Neftchi” head coach: “I replaced Azer Aliyev because he had a seizure”

“I’m happy with this result and the game. We created a lot of scoring chances. In some episodes we couldn’t score. Our players always put the opponent under pressure. Again we saw a penalty in our goal. I’m glad that my players were able to come to their senses and score the winning goal.”

“Report”According to the information of “Neftchi”, the head coach of “Neftchi” Laurentsiu Regekampf said this at the press conference held after the 4th round game of the Premier League, where they won 2:1 against “Zira” at “Bakcell Arena”.

The Romanian specialist said that he was also surprised by the fact that he was awarded 5 penalties in the last 2 rounds: “I can’t say that our team lacks discipline. Ataa Jaber did a sliding trick, but it didn’t hit the player. If the referees saw it that way, then it’s a penalty. My It is also interesting that 5 penalties are awarded to our goal in 2 games”.

He said that although they created a lot of scoring chances in the recent match against “Sabah”, they were not able to win: “We were unlucky in the last 2 games. If we had taken advantage of those situations, the situation would have been different. I think the players should also be aware of the championship. Sometimes it seems to me from the outside.” that we play with fire. When you play with him too much, you start to burn yourself. I think my players have enough opportunities to show themselves. I would say that we have also found a good left-back who will help us in the attacks. Some of the missing positions can also be transferred in the next time. can”.

Regekampf also spoke about Mirabdulla Abbasov, who was on loan: “I am not God to say that someone is good and someone is bad. I just did not see the necessary performance in Mirabdulla Abbasov. He will have a chance to prove himself and return to our team again.”

The head coach of “Neftchi” also explained the reason for the change of goalkeeper in the starting lineup of this match: “The reason why I put Agil Mammadov in the goal instead of Ivan Brkich was related to the legionary limit. As you know, Azer Aliyev does not have a local passport. That’s why I chose him. I think that I made the right decision and he scored the winning ball for us. His departure from the field is not related to the injury factor. He was replaced because he had a “cough” (convulsion).

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