NASA chief: “Earthlings will go to the moon to live and study”

NASA chief: “Earthlings will go to the moon to live and study”

“Earthlings will go to the moon to live and study.”

“Report”According to the information of Bill Nelson, the head of the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). NBC told the TV channel.

According to the head of NASA, it is the magnitude of these tasks that explains the fact that the astronauts are preparing for such a long period of time for the new landing on the surface of the Earth’s satellite.

The goal of the next landing of astronauts on the moon will be to ensure a longer stay of man on the natural satellite of the Earth, which involves living and learning new technologies.

“We should focus on staying longer than just landing on the moon, staying there for a few days and then walking away,” Nelson said.

The head of NASA also added that it is impossible for people to live on the moon in the near future. For this, new technologies are needed that allow people to live in other celestial bodies.

“After landing on the moon, the inhabitants of the Earth are waiting for a trip to Mars,” said the head of NASA.

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