MIA is looking for a female employee

MIA is looking for a female employee

The Ministry of Internal Affairs announces a competition for the recruitment of ordinary and junior chief staff positions vacant in their respective institutions for operator positions.

From the ministry “Report”According to the information provided by except relatives), female citizens of Azerbaijan who meet the conditions defined by the “Regulation on serving in internal affairs bodies of the Republic of Azerbaijan”, are permanently registered and live in Baku can participate.

In terms of the specificity of labor functions in those positions, the health condition, physical fitness and level of knowledge of the contestants are checked according to the established norms, they have the ability to work with computers and communication equipment, analytical thinking and research, make the right decisions and solve problems, work in a team and have grammatical knowledge. Preference will be given to those who are at a high level, responsible, attentive and inclined to development, fluent in at least one foreign language and have family.

The winners of the competition will be included in the personnel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan and will be given a special rank and will be paid a monthly allowance of 500-800 manats.

Those who wish to participate must personally fill out the electronic application form and questionnaire data posted on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs /www.mia.gov.az/ from August 25 to September 25 and send it to the General Personnel Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs by e-mail. [email protected] should be sent to the e-mail address.

Contact numbers for additional information:

(012) 590-80-63 / 80-63 ext

(012) 590-80-66 /80-66 ext

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