Mehriban Aliyeva thanked for the birthday wishes

Mehriban Aliyeva thanked for the birthday wishes

First Vice President of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva thanked those who congratulated her on her birthday.

“Report” reports that a post on the First Vice President’s social network account says:

Dear compatriots!

Dear brothers and sisters!

Thank you for your birthday wishes. Thank you very much for your kind wishes! As I feel your love, trust, support and care, I understand once again – It is a great happiness to be a representative of our worthy people!

I pray for our homeland and every citizen of Azerbaijan.

May Almighty God protect Azerbaijan from evil and all troubles and wars!

May everyone be blessed with good health and long life!

May he heal all the sick and save them from pain and suffering!

May God protect all adults and parents, grant long life to all Fathers and Mothers!

May our children be healthy and happy!

May the Almighty God protect every soldier and officer, all our brave sons and brothers who stand guard over our Motherland! I wish mercy to all our martyrs and patience to their relatives!

May God give our President good health, long life, strength and patience! His burden is heavy, but his strength lies in the strength and unity of our dignified people!

Almighty God, forgive our mistakes, spare us your mercy, grant peace and tranquility to our country! Guide everyone to the right path – the path of love and kindness!

With love,

Your kind regards.

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