Media: “If Russia does not announce mass mobilization, it will lose”

Media: “If Russia does not announce mass mobilization, it will lose”

“About 500 Russian soldiers are killed or wounded in Ukraine every day”.

“Report” Referring to “Ukrinform”, it is reported that “The New York Times” publication wrote about it based on US intelligence information.

According to Seth Jones, Director of International Security Programs at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, such heavy losses greatly tire the Russian army and reduce the effectiveness of the attack on the battlefield: “The Russian army is exhausted. This affects his activities in Ukraine. Russia is not even in a position to ensure complete control in Donetsk.”

The director of the McCain Institute, Evelyn Farkas, said that the Russian government is having difficulty attracting additional human resources for its army: “If Russia does not carry out mass mobilization, it will lose.”

Retired General Philip Breedlove, the supreme commander of NATO’s combined forces in Europe, thinks that Russia’s losses are enough: “The situation has reached such a level that Russia is even trying to force captured Ukrainians to fight on its side. Russia has a serious problem with human resources.”

It should be noted that according to the information of the General Staff of Ukraine, 43,200 Russian servicemen have been destroyed in this country so far.

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