Lachin resident who filed a lawsuit against Armenia: “We have great love for this land”

Lachin resident who filed a lawsuit against Armenia: “We have great love for this land”

“I was born in Kamalli village of Lachin region. I lived there until the city of Lachin was occupied.”

These thoughts “Report”local resident Fakhreddin Pashayev said in his statement to his employee assigned to Lachin district.

He said that his great-grandfathers also lived in the village of Kamalli.

“Unfortunately, on May 18, 1992, my native land was invaded by the enemy. Aggressive Armenians destroyed our village and turned it into a ruin. By attacking houses and nature, the savages thought that the local residents would not return here. But they made a big mistake. This is ours. We have great love for the land.”

“In 2005, we, 6 internally displaced persons and war veterans from Lachin – I, Elkhan Chiragov, Adishirin Chiragov, Ramiz Jabrayilov, Akif Hasanov and Garaja Jabrayilov applied to the European Court of Human Rights. After a long and intense struggle, the court in 2015 ” “Chiragov et al. against Armenia” case issued a decision in our favor. However, Armenia still does not implement the decision. They shamelessly file a lawsuit against us in the European Court. The court rejects the claims of the Armenians. The European Court symbolically issued a decision of 6,000 euros in favor of us 6 victims. “The damage caused to us is around 2 million. We have proven this with facts. From now on, we will not stop our fight against Armenia until our claims are fully satisfied,” said the resident of Lachin.

F. Pashayev also appealed to other Lachin residents:

“We want other IDPs from Lachin to file a case against Armenia. We are ready to share our experience with those people and we can support them. We will prove to the whole world that Armenia is an occupying state.”

It should be noted that 6 people from Lachin were recognized as victims based on the 2015 decision of the European Court of Human Rights in the case of “Chiragov and others v. Armenia”. These IDPs visited their native Lachin district today.

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