“Kepaz” legionnaire: “We need the strong support of the fans”

“Kepaz” legionnaire: “We need the strong support of the fans”

“We need strong support from the fans.”

“Report”“Kepaz” football player Ahmed Ayzaya said this in a statement to the club’s official website.

The 27-year-old midfielder said that he regretted that they could not play their home games in Ganja: “Our team should play in the city it represents, on its home field. Then we can fight better and win results. Because the field and the fans are decisive factors.”

Ayzaya said that they improved from game to game: we fought better against “Gabala” than against “Neftchi”. But there is still defeat in the middle. You need to learn from mistakes. After each match, we analyze the shortcomings, we see where we did not do it right. The main thing is to fulfill the given tasks”.

Today, the Nigerian player added that they want to win the match against “Sabail” by fighting decently.

It should be noted that the match between “Sabail” and “Kepaz” will start at 18:00.

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