“Islamic Jihad” has agreed to a ceasefire in Gaza

“Islamic Jihad” has agreed to a ceasefire in Gaza

The “Islamic Jihad” group has agreed to a ceasefire with the Israel Defense Forces in the Gaza Strip.

About it “Report” He reports with reference to AFP.

It is reported that the Islamists issued a statement confirming their readiness for a ceasefire. It is expected to take effect today at 11:30 PM.

Earlier, sources in Egypt confirmed that Israel also agreed to the ceasefire.

It should be recalled that earlier it was announced that a ceasefire was expected at 20:00, but it became known that representatives of “Islamic Jihad” demanded additional guarantees from Egypt, which mediated the settlement.

The Israeli leadership noted that it does not see any reason to continue the operation in the Gaza Strip, because the goal of neutralizing high-level Islamists has already been achieved.

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