Gurban Gurbanov: “You can’t offend the fans”

Gurban Gurbanov: “You can’t offend the fans”

“If there was any shortcoming on the part of the club, the fans should be excused.”

“Report”According to the information of “Qarabag”, the head coach of “Qarabag” Gurban Gurbanov said this at a press conference before the second leg of the UEFA Champions League playoff round, which will be held in Baku against the Czech “Victoria” club.

The 50-year-old specialist commented on the technical problem that occurred when the tickets for the match went on sale: “The club does everything so that the fans are not dissatisfied. Unfortunately, only 28-30 thousand fans are in the stadium.”

Gurbanov said that he was happy that the fans showed interest in the game: “The interest in football has increased in Azerbaijan. They love football and we have fans. We simply cannot offend them. We see the fans’ love for football. We must build our business in such a way that the love continues. I welcome the fans. They show their trust in us. “I wouldn’t be dissatisfied with what happened. I would like all the fans to be in the stadium. I believe that in the future our football and championship will reach a better level.”

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