German Chancellor: “Vladimir Putin is responsible for this war”

German Chancellor: “Vladimir Putin is responsible for this war”

“Germany and its allies will continue to support Ukraine. We will continue our efforts to investigate Russia’s war crimes.”

“Report” Referring to “Ukrinform”, German Chancellor Olaf Scholtz said this at a press conference.

“The biggest problem is Russia’s terrible war in Ukraine. We will continue to actively support Ukraine militarily, materially and morally. Russian President Vladimir Putin is responsible for this war. Russia attacked Ukraine to seize new territories. This is a criminal war. We must do everything to investigate these crimes.”

According to the chancellor, Russia should look for a way to negotiate peace with Ukraine and not dictate its own terms: “Ukraine should decide for itself which decision is right for it. Therefore, it is necessary to support Ukraine in order to strengthen its position in the negotiations. “Billions of euros are needed for the reconstruction of the country.”

Scholtz also said that it was the right decision not to impose any ban on gas imports. Because many countries depend on Russian gas.

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