“Gabala” head coach: “We are ready for the return match”

“Gabala” head coach: “We are ready for the return match”

“Although we lost the first game, we are ready for tomorrow’s rematch”.

“Report” reports that the head coach of “Gabala” Elmar Bakhshiyev said this at the press conference before the return match of the second qualifying round of the UEFA Conference League, which they will play at home against “Fehervar” of Hungary.

According to the 42-year-old specialist, despite the 1:4 defeat, his team will do their best: “We want to play well in front of our fans.”

Bakhshiyev said that he was satisfied with the football shown by his team in the first match and that the players tried to do what they wanted at certain times of the match: “The injury of our football player Ilkin Kirtimov also affected our team. The fact that one of our main players left the field created an imbalance in our game plan.”

According to the head coach, who values ​​”Fehervar” as a team of quality and well-playing football players, his team is just as good as them. He also pointed out that Kirtimov’s condition has not yet been clarified: “Our team was not very large even before the tournament. The condition of the injured player remains a question. We hope to make a positive decision after our last training.”

It should be noted that the game to be held on July 28 at Gabala city stadium will start at 20:00.

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