Farid Gayibov: “I am satisfied with the work of the federations”

Farid Gayibov: “I am satisfied with the work of the federations”

“I congratulate everyone for the medals won. Every athlete wants to get on the podium. We knew that the chances of a medal in some sports are not so high. Even if those athletes did not make it to the finals, they fought hard. I also congratulate them.”

“Report”According to the information of the Minister of Youth and Sports Farid Gayibov, he said this to journalists at the Azerbaijan Day organized in the Athletes’ Village in Konya, Turkey, where Turkey was held as part of the 5th Islamic Solidarity Games of Turkey.

The minister reminded that the country is represented in 22 sports at the Islamiad: “We cannot say that all sports have been strong throughout history and we have always won medals. You know that many federations have been reorganized. We regularly meet with the new management and discuss the strategy. The federations are working very well. “I am satisfied with their work. A good management has been created. As a result, we see chances in every sport.”

F. Qayibov said that there is a very good atmosphere among the team members in Konya: “Coaches and athletes gather every day to welcome the medal winners and celebrate their birthdays. I express my gratitude to each of them. I thank you journalists for covering the athletes’ successes. Our sports volunteers are here like a brother. – they created an atmosphere where our athletes feel at home. We are satisfied with everything so far. We hope it will continue.”

He also spoke about “Azerbaijan Day”: “You know that the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games were held in Baku. Let us show here our culture, our brotherhood with Turkey, as well as what the previous Islam gave us.”

The minister emphasized that he believes in every athlete participating in the competition: “We want all of them to win medals. For example, yesterday our men’s handball team struggled. In recent years, there was a little problem in our handball. They have been training for several months. They played against Turkey. They performed very well in the first half. We believed in our team. If we look at the championship of Turkey and the number of clubs, it is very difficult to compare the teams of two countries. Nevertheless, anything can happen in sports. Just like “Karabakh” wins the European Cups against clubs with a bigger budget than itself.”

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