Farid Gayibov: “Each medal has the hard work of many people”

Farid Gayibov: “Each medal has the hard work of many people”

Minister of Youth and Sports Farid Gayibov recently met with athletes who have successfully represented Azerbaijan in continental and world championships.

From the ministry “Report”According to the information provided, at the beginning of the meeting, a video showing the achievements of judo fighters, wrestlers, taekwondo fighters and fencers in the last month was shown.

Greeting the athletes, F. Qaybov congratulated them on their achievements. The minister said that the number of athletes invited to such meetings is increasing every time: “This is a clear example of the increase in success. Success is not easy. Each medal involves the hard work of many people. We are excited with you during the competitions, and we are happy for the success of each of you.”

Athletes who participated in the meeting gave information about the competitions and their victories. The coaches of the national teams talked about the preparation process and successes of the athletes.

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