Electricity production in Azerbaijan increased by 3%

Electricity production in Azerbaijan increased by 3%

In January-July of this year, the production of electric energy in Azerbaijan increased by 2.6% compared to the same period last year and reached 16,278.1 million kW/h.

About it “Report”It was reported by the Ministry of Energy.

According to information, in the last 1 year, the production of electricity in thermal power plants increased by 25.1 million kWh to 14,893 million kWh, in hydropower plants by 286.5 million kWh to 1,163.9 million kWh, other sources ( KES, GES and BMTYZ) increased by 8.4 million kWh to 221.2 million kWh. Wind power plants produced 54.0 million kW/h, solar power plants 37.5 million kW/h, and Solid Household Waste Incineration Plant (BMTZ) belonging to “Tamiz Shaher” OJSC produced 129.7 million kW/h of electricity. .

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