DYP appealed to the population about weather conditions

DYP appealed to the population about weather conditions

The Chief State Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs appealed to the population regarding weather conditions.

From the office “Report”In the application, it is stated:

“In connection with the forecast given by the National Hydrometeorology Service of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources that windy weather conditions will continue in the country, and rain will fall in some places, the Chief State Traffic Police Department has advised all road users to protect their lives and health, prevent various unpleasant situations that may occur on the roads, as well as also recommends to be extremely careful and careful to avoid damage to vehicles.

Drivers should choose the speed limit according to the meteorological conditions, take into account the high possibility of sudden changes in the direction of movement of the car when leaving the closed part of the road or tunnels in windy weather, as well as in the desert, avoid the construction sites, trees, large advertising boards, etc. they should not keep it near or on top of other things that are likely to fall or break due to the influence of the wind”.

It was noted that in rainy weather, the wetness of the road surface increases the possibility of slipping, so drivers should maintain a sufficient distance, taking into account the road and meteorological conditions, reduce the speed limit to a minimum, be careful when overtaking and maneuvering, as well as keep the license plates of vehicles clean, glass they must check that wipers and windshield washers, light devices are in good condition:

“Pedestrians, in their turn, should be careful, should not cross the part of the road that is not intended for their movement, should refrain from behavior that endangers the life and health of themselves and other road participants.”

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