Dust fog is observed in the air

Dust fog is observed in the air

According to the data obtained from the automatic atmospheric air stations, the dispersed dust particles in the air today exceeded the norm by 1.5 times in Nizami district, 1.4 times in Sabail district, and 1.6 times in Khatai district.

“Report” Gulshad Mammadova, director of the Bureau of Hydrometeorological Forecasts, said this.

G. Mammadova noted that the observed dusty weather conditions are of a local nature: “Thus, due to the influence of the strong north-west wind, the dust masses formed on the upper dry surface of the soil spread around. The windy weather conditions will continue until the end of the day. From the evening of July 17, again due to the fact that the north wind will strengthen from time to time, the amount of dust in the air will be higher than normal and it is expected to continue until the evening of the 19th.

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