Champions League: Mahir Emreli’s team qualified for the group stage

Champions League: Mahir Emreli’s team qualified for the group stage

UEFA Champions League playoff matches have been concluded.

“Report”According to the information, the last 3 participants of the group stage were determined by the matches held on the second day of the game.

“Dinamo” (Zagreb) club, where the player of the Azerbaijan national team Mahir Emreli plays, challenged the Norwegian “Budö Glimt” team in Croatia. The representative of Zagreb, who lost 0:1 on the trip, won the main time of the meeting at home with a minimal advantage – 2:1. With the total score tied, extra time was played. Here, the hosts, who scored two more goals, qualified for the group stage with a 4:1 victory.

Emreli, who started the game as a reserve, entered the field in place of Dario Shpikic in the 60th minute.

“Trabzonspor”, the only representative of Turkey in the tournament, agreed to a goalless draw with Danish “Copenhagen” at home. This result moved the visitors to the Champions League group, and the home team to the Europa League group.

PSV did not succeed in the Netherlands with Scottish “Rangers” – 0:1. The representative of Glasgow qualified for the group stage due to the away victory.

UEFA Champions League

Playoff stage, return games

August 24

23:00. “Dinamo” (Zagreb, Croatia) – “Budö Glimt” (Norway) – 4:1

Arms: Mislav Orşiç, 4. Bruno Petkoviç, 35. Yosip Drmiç, 117. Petar Boçkay, 120 – Albert Qrönbek, 70

First game – 0:1

23:00. “Trabzonspor” (Turkey) – “Kopenhagen” (Denmark) – 0:0

First game – 1:2

23:00. PSV (Niderland) – “Rangers” (Scotland) – 0:1

Qol: Antonio Çolak, 60

First game – 2:2

It should be noted that the draw for the group stage will be made today.

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