“Azpetrol” commissioned the 97th filling station in Sugovushan

“Azpetrol” commissioned the 97th filling station in Sugovushan

“Azpetrol” company, which has the largest gas filling network in Azerbaijan, continues to expand the number and scope of its stations.

Today, the company commissioned the 3rd gas station in the liberated territories and the 97th gas station in the country.

The next modular YDM operating under the “Azpetrol” brand is located in Sugovushan settlement. “AI-92”, “Premium” and “Diesel” types of fuel will be sold at the new YDM. 4 new jobs were created in YDM. Thus, taking into account the employees of “Agalı YDM”, “Hadrut YDM” and “Suguvushan YDM”, “Azpetrol” opened 13 permanent jobs in the territories freed from occupation.

The first YDM of “Azpetrol” – “Spartak” was opened on July 15, 1997 at the address of 1013 Moskva Avenue, Nasimi District, Baku City. Currently, the company operates in most economic zones of the country 97 YDM-i, 2 a liquid gas (propane-butane) filling station, 1 compressed natural gas (CNG) terminal that meets the most modern standards in the republic serving passenger transport in public transport, 3 Oil depots for storing fuel products, Autobaza for fuel trucks, 100 to ensure uninterrupted transportation of fuel to filling stations There is a parking lot for fuel-carrying cars and passenger cars. 4 compressed natural gas filling stations at operating gas stations, 3 liquid gas filling station and 17 electric car charging stations, 8 motels, catering facilities (cafe, car wash, market) are operating in most locations to provide various services.

“Azpetrol” – Constantly towards development!

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