Azerbaijani sailors won the football competition

Azerbaijani sailors won the football competition

According to the program of the “Sea Cup-2022” international competition organized in our country, a football competition was held between the participating teams.

“Report” Referring to the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan, it is reported that in the first stage of the competition, Iranian sailors won against the Russian team. The next game took place between the teams of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, and our soldiers managed to beat the opponent.
In the fight for the third place between the teams of Russia and Kazakhstan, the game ended with the advantage of the latter.
The final match took place between the crews of Azerbaijani and Iranian warships. The team of Azerbaijani sailors won the intense match and settled on the highest step of the podium.
Thus, according to the results of the football competition, the team of Azerbaijani sailors was the first, Iran was the second, and Kazakhstan was the third.
At the end, cups, medals and certificates of honor were presented to the teams that distinguished themselves in the competition.

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