AQTA appealed to entrepreneurs

AQTA appealed to entrepreneurs

The Food Safety Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan (AQTA) continues the control measures implemented in the direction of ensuring food safety and protecting consumer rights.

CUT it “Report”It was reported that during the monitoring, in the last few days, poultry and poultry products were accepted into sales networks without a veterinary certificate, as well as the fact that there was no corresponding accompanying document for the transportation of such products:

“The agency addresses business entities engaged in the sale of poultry meat and other poultry products and informs that animal products, including poultry products, are food products that are included in the special risk group, and during their production, processing, packaging, storage, transportation and sale, relevant normative failure to comply with the requirements of legal acts is not only a violation of the law, but can also pose a serious threat to human health.

Therefore, business entities engaged in the sale of poultry meat and poultry products should be more careful and at the same time strictly comply with the requirements of the existing legislation when accepting poultry meat and other poultry products for sale. A veterinary certificate or certificate issued by AQTA should be required when poultry products are accepted by trade networks. A product received without the appropriate document is considered a product of unknown origin and not subject to state veterinary control.

AQTA declares that if such cases are detected, the management of the commercial enterprise will be brought to administrative responsibility and their activities will be strictly prevented within the framework of the requirements of the legislation.

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